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The Greek Alphabet, Vowels, Diphthongs, Breathing Marks, and 2Tim 1:1-18 are available now.

The New Testament Greek Is No Longer Greek To Me !

Reading the New Testament devotionally in Greek is an effective way to apprehend God's word and get familiar with Biblical Greek at the same time. The reading approaches the connotation of God's speaking through disclosing its Greek syntax. The reading is a great tool for the general Bible readers who are interested in studying the New Testament by its original language, especially for the young people who have been highly gifted in learning languages.

The current curriculum will go through the Book of Second Timothy verse by verse with parsing diagrams, vocal pronunciation, word studies, and a personal devotion. After accomplishing the curriculum, not only the Greek text of the Book of Second Timothy won't be Greek to you anymore, but also the epistle itself won't be. Now have fun and enjoy it!


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